Pet Star of the Week 2014

Pets Name: Baron - Age:14 years - Breed: Lhasa Apso 

Baron turned 14y ears old  on  Novemember 11th this year. Remembrance Day.

And he sleeps most of the day haha inside!!! He is very spoilt and when hes not sleeping he goes for walks in the park and that's when all the female dogs turn their heads and look at baron and woof woof cos they think he's soooooo handsome for his age.

He's our circus dog. He likes to go on knee board at the river to show off to all the other dogs. He sits on the board with his head held high cos he"s so proud of himself hahhaahahahA. He also gives us high 5's when he's happy.  He can be stubborn sometimes when its bath time. He doesn't like it very much but when he gets out of the bath hes all excited and feels refreshed and runs in circles around the room like hes a puppy again.   His nick name is Barry. Haha He's the most handsome  dog in the world!!!!!!!!!Well that's what the dogs on the beach say!!!!! Haha and He's our Lion King and we love him very very much  xxxxxx - Di xxx


Submitted by

Di Minuzzo 

West Beach, SA


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