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Pet Id Tags Australia is a reputable family owned business and leading professionals in engraved dog tags since 2002.
Pawzee is our own brand name of durable engraved pet tags that STAND OUT! Available in stainless steel, metal and aluminum.

Ensure Your Pet's Safety with Dog ID Tags for Pets

A Simple Solution for Peace of Mind!

Welcome to Pet ID Tags Australia, where we prioritise the safety and security of your beloved pets. We genuinely care about your pets and understand that they are more than just companions, they are much loved members of our families. That's why we offer a wide selection of high-quality dog id tags, also known as pet ID tags, designed to keep your pet safe with style.

Why Dog Tags Are Essential:

Dog tags serve as a vital means of identification for your pet, especially in case they wander off or get lost. These tags typically include essential information such as your pet's name, your contact information, and any pertinent medical details. In the event that your pet gets separated from you, having accurate identification can greatly increase the chances of a safe and swift reunion.

Customization Options:

At Pet ID Tags Australia, we understand that every pet is unique, which is why we offer customizable dog tags. Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials to create a tag that perfectly reflects your pet's personality. Whether you prefer a classic stainless steel tag or a vibrant, colorful option, we have something for every style and preference.

Durability and Longevity:

Our dog tags are crafted from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. We understand that pets can be rough on their accessories, which is why we prioritize quality construction that can withstand the wear and tear of daily life. Rest assured that our tags are built to last, providing reliable identification for years to come.

Easy to Attach:

Our dog tags are designed for convenience and ease of use. Simply attach the tag to your pet's collar using the included hardware, and they'll be ready to hit the town in style. Our tags are lightweight and unobtrusive, ensuring maximum comfort for your furry friend.

Peace of Mind:

With our dog tags for pets, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pet is always identifiable, no matter where they roam. Whether you're taking a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood or embarking on a grand adventure, our pet ID tags provide an extra layer of security for you and your beloved companion.

Order Your Dog Tags Today:

Don't wait until it's too late – invest in your pet's safety with our premium dog tags for pets. Browse our selection today and find the perfect tag for your furry friend. With customizable options, durable construction, and peace of mind guaranteed, you can't go wrong with Pet ID Tags Australia.