Cat ID Tags

Cat ID Tags is the first line of defense when a cat gets lost and leads to the quickest return home.


As responsible pet owners, we commit to keeping our cats happy, healthy, and safe. Unfortunately, as pets have a mind of their own, it is not uncommon for them to occasionally "disappear". The heart-stopping moment when you realise your pet has gone can be incredibly stressful.

If, however, your cat has an engraved cat ID tag attached to their collar, you will likely get a phone call and be reunited with your pet in time for dinner!

This is why its important that our cats have an engraved Cat ID Tag, with their name and your contact details, any medical and microchip information attached to their collar. 


Choose from our huge range of engraved Cat ID Tags to suit all breeds of cats such a sweet Persian cat, a beautiful Rag Doll cat, an affectionate Tabby cat, or a loveable Siamese cat.