Collection: Personalised Dog Tags

Our Personalised dog tags for pets available in a large range of shapes, colors and materials to create the perfect dog tag for your furry friend.

Dog tags are essential for keeping your furry friend safe. If they wander off, their name and your contact information can help ensure a happy reunion. Pet tags can also be helpful in an emergency, as they can alert first responders to any medical conditions your pet may have. At Pet ID Tags Australia, we offer a wide variety of Dog Tags and Pet Tags to suit any pet. Our Dog Tags are made from high-quality materials and are 100% engravable. We also carry a wide selection of cat name tags and other pet ID tags to help keep your whole family safe. Whether you're looking for a new dog name tag or just need to restock on cat name tags, we've got you covered. Visit Pet ID Tags Australia today to shop our selection of Dog Tags and Pet Tags.

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Australia's Top Rated Pet Tags for dogs & cats for over 20 years!

Premium deeply engraved pet id tags that provide safety and style for dogs and cats.

At Pet ID Tags Australia, our dog id tags are crafted with the highest quality materials and deeply engraved with a high-powered fibre machine for the pet's information to remain legible for life.

Fibre Engraved pet tags are the most durable and readable option available in today's market, and it is very rare to find an engraver that uses this type of high-powered machine. Not only does the engraved information look clear and dark, it is also deeply engraved into the metal, making it resistant to wear and fading.

A tag should withstand the rough and tumble of a dog's
daily activities. Materials like stainless steel, are more durable and long-lasting.