Why Should I Put a Pet ID Tag on My Pet?

Owning a pet is a big commitment for the lifetime of the animal. As responsible owners, we commit to keeping them happy, healthy, and safe. This level of responsibility comes before we even consider the bond that develops between owner and pet.

For most people, their pets are part of the family. The love shared between pet and owner can often equal that of human relationships. So, how would you feel if one of your family members disappeared? Of course, it would be heartbreaking.

Unfortunately, as pets have a mind of their own, it is not uncommon for them to occasionally "disappear". The heart-stopping moment when you realise your pet has gone can be incredibly stressful.

For many years it has been a legal requirement to microchip dogs. Microchips ensure pets are eventually reunited with their owners. Unfortunately to read the tags requires special machinery located at the local pound or veterinary clinic. This means when a dog is found, it could be a day or two of sleepless nights before you are contacted.

If, however, your pet has a pet ID tag attached to their collar, you will likely get a phone call and be reunited with your pet in time for dinner!

This is the most important reason for putting a pet ID tag on your beloved pets.

There are, of course, many more reasons why your pet should have a pet tag fitted. These include:

Identification as a pet

A pet tag is the easiest way to spot that an animal is a pet. If the pet has gone missing, and someone finds them with an ID tag, they can recognise immediately that the pet is owned by someone and not a stray animal. Knowing this will make people more likely to help them return home safely instead of ignoring or adopting them.

Making life easy for good Samaritans

A pet ID tag also makes life easier for the person who finds your pet. We all know that microchips are a great piece of technology; however, they require a scanner to read the data stored inside. Not everyone has time to go to the vet or pet clinic to check if a dog or cat they found has a microchip or not.

As long as the id tag contains the information needed, it should be clear enough for them to read. Even if they have no time to return the pet to your home, they can still call you quickly so you can pick up your missing family member.


Besides the practical safety reasons, an ID tag can be a great fashion accessory. Available in a wide range of colours and materials there is a dog tag or cat tag for every pet. Why not buy a few tags and swap them depending on the occasion!


With the information engraved on the tag, you do not have to worry about the information fading away. Engraved pet tags ensure your contact information is safe and remains readable for many years.

What should I put on my pet tag?

Putting an id tag on your pet is one thing but making sure it works efficiently is another. For example, the tag will be of no help if you only include the pet's name on it. You should try to put more information on the tag to make it easier for people who find them.  


Including your pets name on the tag has both advantages and disadvantages. In the case where you lose your pet, it can be useful for the person who finds the pet to use their name to help soothe them if scared. On the other hand, if your pet is an expensive pedigree that is attractive to dog-nappers, you may wish to leave it off. A classic trick is for dog-nappers to use the name on the tag to build a rapport with the dog before stealing.

Phone Number

This is the most important thing to put on the tag. If you cannot fit on a full address, you should at least include your phone number. Ideally, you should include a mobile phone number that you can answer immediately.


If space permits, you may wish to include your address on the tag. Only do this if you are okay and feel safe to do so. If you are not sure, the phone number should be enough.

Final thoughts

With all the GPS devices and microchip technologies available, it is easy to underestimate the value of a traditional pet ID tag. However, a dog tag or cat tag with your phone number on is the quickest way to be reunited with your pet. So, don't wait a moment longer, browse our site for a wide range of stylish and modern pet tags.  

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