Why Should I Put a Pet ID Tag on My Pet?

The excitement is building, the kids are busy choosing names, and you’re rushing to make your home pet-proof. But what do you need to buy to make your new pet feel at home? These are the top 10 items you must buy before collecting your new pet:


For dogs, they are essential. For cats, optional. A good collar is vital to train and control your dog while out walking. Taking your pet for walks can be great fun for all the family. A collar is not only for attaching a lead; they are also essential for attaching…

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Pet ID Tags

Pet ID Tags allow you to make your pet’s name official. A bright, clear tag with your contact details is essential in the unfortunate situation your dog goes missing. When your pet is new, this is the most likely time for them to go missing as they have not formed a bond with you yet, and do not know where home is. While microchips will ultimately lead to your pet being returned, it can sometimes take a couple of days for the chip to be scanned at the vets or in the pound. If your phone number is on the tag, your pet can be returned immediately.

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A high-quality lead with a comfortable handgrip makes walking your pet a lot more fun. Remember to buy a suitable lead for your dog. For example, a heavy metal chain lead is not well suited to a poodle. While a short, thin, lightweight lead is not suited to an Alsatian. If you plan to walk to the local park, an auto retracing, extending lead may be a good choice. You can then switch between freedom and tight control at the flick of a switch. Small, lightweight leads are also suitable for cats.

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Bowls – Food and Water

Just like humans, your pet requires daily food and water. Most people provide this to their pet in a bowl. You should invest in a pair of good quality pet bowls – one for food, the other for water. Do not use human china bowls, as these will quickly be knocked around and broken. Strong Plastic or Stainless-Steel bowls are the most common choice. If the budget allows, you may wish to invest in a water bowl that rotates the water to keep it fresh. These are a little more expensive but provide fresh water all day long.

Remember, make sure you buy some food and treats for your pet’s arrival!

Pee Pads or Litter Tray

The most daunting task for new pet owners is toilet training. A new puppy or kitten will need a fair amount of attention to avoid little accidents. Cats traditionally use a litter tray. In contrast, dogs are often trained to go outside or, failing that, use pee pads to avoid a mess on the floor. Potty training spray can be used to help mark where your pet should go. Make sure you stock up before they arrive. If you do forget, some old newspapers may be used as a temporary solution. Depending on where you plan to take your pet, diapers may also be an option. It is polite to use these if visiting someone else’s house with your new pet.

Poop bag

It is no longer socially acceptable to let your dog poop in the park or along the street. Ensure you always have a stash of plastic bags to pick up the waste and dispose of it. Never let yourself get caught out. Apart from the scowls you will receive from other members of the public, you may find yourself slapped with a very hefty fine.


Every pet needs a good rest at night. To make your new pet feel at home, give them a soft, comfortable bed to sleep in. There are many shapes and styles of beds available. Two of the most common are pillow style and igloo style. A pillow bed is a soft open bed, not dissimilar to the pillow’s humans use. They can be very comfortable but can also leave your pet feeling a little exposed and cold during the night. Igloo style beds solve this problem by including a roof. This makes your pet feel safe and secure, as well as keeping cold drafts out. Just make sure the bed you choose is the right size for your pet.

Abbie getting cozy in her Snug Dog Bed 


Carry bag or cage

At some point, you are likely to need to take your pet to the vet. For smaller dogs and cats, it is usual to carry them in a pet bag or carrier. Cages are another suitable option. You should try and have this available before you get your new pet in case of any emergencies.



Pets like to be stimulated in the same way human babies do. Giving your pet suitable toys is sure to keep them entertained while you are busy doing other things. Traditional dog toys include bones, balls, and chew toys. While cats prefer toys that contain catnip, have bells, and sparkly attractive features. Scratching posts are also another good choice for cats. Remember, both dogs and cats can be destructive. You should, therefore, buy high-quality pet standard toys. Human kids’ toys are unlikely to last very long.



You never know when your pet is going to get covered in mud. Just like human hair, you must wash it and treat it well. If your pet gets dirty, give them a good wash.


Final thoughts

Preparing for the arrival of a new pet is both exciting and daunting. To make your pet feel at home immediately, make sure you prepare for their arrival. Buy all the essentials in advance. When you collect your new pet, take the new collar, Pet ID Tag, and lead with you. If for any reason, they manage to slip away while getting in or out of the car, they will be quickly found and returned to you.

Labrador dog wearing a crystal pet tag
 Polly the Labrador wearing a Swarovski Crystal Pet Tag

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