How to Train Your Dog to Ignore Other Dogs

How to Train Your Dog to Ignore Other Dogs

Dogs are social animals that love to interact with their fellow dog friends and humans. However, these interactions can sometimes lead to undesirable behaviors like aggression and fights. Dog owners and handlers must train their dogs to ignore other dogs to promote good behavior and enjoy being with them in public settings. This blog will explore how to train your dog to ignore other dogs.

Why do You Need to Train Your Dog to Ignore Other Dogs?

Some dogs are naturally aggressive, which is why it is important to train you to ignore them. This keeps both you and the dog safe, thus making it easier for you to walk with them in public places. Training your dog to ignore other dogs also shows a sign of respect for the people and dogs around you.

Sometimes, dogs get aggressive to show dominance or because they have just met a stranger. It is important to train them to ignore or know how to behave around strangers or other dogs to make your outside walks always fun.

How to Train Your Dog to Ignore Other Dogs

How to Train Your Dog to Ignore Other Dogs

Here are some important techniques and steps to train your dog:

Choose a Command Phrase

Before you start your training sessions with your dog, it is important to master your command phrase first. Some common command phrases like “leave it”, “look at me”, and “watch me” are essential for communicating with your dog. You can always use these command phrases to make your dog pay attention to you and ignore other dogs.

Give Them Great Rewards When Called Upon 

Endeavor to choose some great rewards for your dogs whenever they ignore other dogs. Rewards like food motivate them to ignore other dogs if they want to enjoy the benefits. Whenever you go out to a public place, carry some rewards for them and gift them whenever they listen to you and ignore the other dogs. This will teach them that they will always get a nice reward when they behave well and ignore other dogs.

Teach Your Dog Lead Walking Skills

Train your dog some lead walking skills in areas with little or no distractions. This is because when a dog sees another dog, they want to interact with it. This will cause the pull and drag of the lead, which sometimes causes injuries to the handler. Start by training them to lead walking skills in your home, and gradually, they will learn to follow your pace.

Teach Them Proximity Games 

Bonding with your dog by playing with them is another way to teach them to ignore other dogs. Always have fun games and tricks to play with your dog whenever you go to the park or any public setting. This will keep them from joining their other friends and focus only on you. Games like fetch, tag, and racing together are a fun way to bond with your dog and make them want to hang around you all the time.

Gradually Move Closer To Other Dogs

After training with your dog, gradually move closer to other dogs. Endeavor to use positive reinforcements to bring their attention back to you and make them ignore other dogs. Walk them to the parks where there are other dogs and use the command phrases and positive rewards. Eventually, your dog will master all this training and know when to interact with or ignore other dogs.

How to Stop Your Dog From Barking At Other Dogs

How to Stop Your Dog From Barking At Other Dogs

There is a common phrase by dog owners: “My dog is aggressive to other dogs”. This can be frustrating because of the constant barking and fights. These are some techniques to make your dog stop barking at other dogs.

  • Redirect attention: Always provide distracting activities for your dog whenever you approach other dogs. This can help avoid the tension of meeting and barking at other dogs. Playing different games with them, like fetching, will make them lively and help them avoid barking at the other dogs. 
  • Avoid punishment: Avoid punishing your dog whenever they bark at other dogs, which might increase their anxiety. Employ positive rewards instead whenever they behave well around other dogs, which could teach them how to interact with their friends. 
  • Be consistent: Although it might take some time, train your dog regularly to know how to interact with their fellow dogs. 
  • Use positive reward: Always reward your dog whenever they remain calm around other dogs. Use treats or toys to reward them, and they will gradually learn to stay calm around their fellow dogs.
  • Seek professional help: Seek help from professionals in case your dog's barking persists even after all the training. They will help you provide the right training and guidance to ensure your dog stops barking at the other dogs.


Training your dog to ignore other dogs is an important aspect of social settings. It helps avoid fights and aggression between dogs and strangers, making your outside walks fun and interesting. Teaching your dog is a gradual process that requires patience; however, with time, your dog will learn all the techniques you use to communicate with them and improve their behavior with their friends and new people.

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