How to Quiet a Barking Dachshund Dog

How to Quiet a Barking Dachshund Dog

Dachshund dogs are known for backing a lot which can disrupt the home and neighborhood. This is particularly true as they are bred to be hunting dogs. They are dogs that are quite sensitive to changes in their environment which increases their likelihood to bark a lot. In this comprehensive blog, we will discuss why dachshunds bark a lot and discover how this can be stopped to enjoy living with your pets.

Does Dachshunds Bark A Lot?

Does Dachshunds Bark A Lot

Many dog owners frequently ask the question, “Why do dachshunds bark so much?” Dachshunds have been known as hunting dogs for centuries. They love to hunt and look for hidden gems. They are very active animals that want to always be engaged in an activity. They also want to show control over their territory through barking. For the dog owners that want to keep them as pets in their homes understanding why they bark is important.

Barking occasionally is considered normal for dachshunds however when it becomes too much, this can be quite inconvenient to the owners. The dachshunds bark due to different reasons. These can include boredom, excitement, separation anxiety, attention seeking, and many more. Understanding the triggers that cause your dog to bark is important to know the right implementation method for avoiding it the next time.

Training Techniques to Reduce Barking

Training Techniques to Reduce Barking

MDachshunds are sensitive dogs that can easily be distracted by noise, smell, and sight. It is important to understand the different techniques to keep them distracted and avoid frequent barking. Here are some techniques you can use to reduce the barking:

Reward with treats

Always reward your dachshunds when it's quiet and concentrating on you. Treating them with their favorite dog food can always keep them in check all the time. Do not reward them with any treats and praise when they are barking. This lets them understand the only way to get rewards and praise is by keeping quiet.


A good exercise will keep your dog calm and reduce their barking during the day. Take them out to the park or on long-distance walks to reduce their boredom of being in one place. This will help reduce their anxiety and ensure they are more calm thus reducing the barking.

Keep them busy

Keep your dachshunds engaged with interactive and puzzle dog games to keep their brains active. As dachshunds are known as hunting dogs, they like to stay mentally active by searching for hidden things. Always engage them in different games like hide and seek which will keep them busy and reduce the barking.

Teach the place command

Train your dog to obey the place command to help them relax and calm down. This can be their favorite corner in the house. Mark one command word to use whenever they are barking like, “Go to your corner” or “Sit down”. This can help prevent them from barking at visitors or new people in the home. When your dachshund understands the command word they will always resist the urge to bark.

Hired help

Sometimes dachshunds get stressed out of being in one place and not going out. Consider hiring extra help to take your talk out for exercises and play with them to keep them active and stimulated. This helps to cool them down and avoid the frequent barks during the day.

Positive socialization

Create an environment where your dachshund can interact positively with your guests at home or when you go out to the park. Always encourage your guests or people in the park to greet and play with your dog. This helps them get used to interacting with new faces and can reduce their anxiety around new people.

Take the fun away

Once your dachshund starts barking uncontrollably, take the fun away. This can be done by confiscating their toys or enclosing them in their dog house. This can help control the barking as they understand that it comes with repercussions. 

Use a dachshund bark collar

Dachshund collars help to control your dog's barking by emitting mild electric shocks whenever your dog barks. This is another way to control your dog from barking although it is not highly recommended. However one can consider it as a last option in case all the other techniques have failed to work on your dog.


For the potential dog owners that were asking the question, do weiner dogs bark a lot, it is important to know the different dog breed characters before owning one. Dachshund dogs are known for their frequent barking. However, dachshund lovers, consider applying different techniques to control the barking. These can include taking your dog from frequent exercise, rewarding them with treats, keeping them busy, and many more. However, if all the techniques you have implemented do not work on your dog, maybe you should consider getting professional help. 

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