Driving With Dogs: What You Need To Know And What Cars Are Best?

Driving With Dogs: What You Need To Know And What Cars Are Best?

According to a survey , 95% of pet owners plan overnight trips with their beloved pets to enjoy to their fullest. Are you also among them? Well, it's good practice to keep your furry friends along with you as they will enhance the joy of your trip. But to make it a fun experience for you and your four-legged friend, it is mandatory to plan the trip carefully. 

In our daily lives, we see many dogs sitting on the driver's lap or sticking their heads out of the window. But just think for a moment: What will happen in case of a sudden break or accident? Obviously, they will get injured and can pose hazards to other passengers as well. Also, it is possible that they will fly out of your windscreen, acting like missiles, and lose their lives immediately.

Here arises a question: Who is responsible for all this tragedy? Yes, you have got it right. Though this is a bitter truth, it is the result of their owner’s neglect. You should not compromise their safety for the sake of fun. Now, you might be thinking, how can you keep your dog in a car secure while traveling? That’s pretty simple! 

Keep reading this blog to explore wonderful safety tips for dogs in cars.

How To Ensure the Safety Of Your Pet While Travelling In a Car?

We have simplified some tips and tricks to keep your furry champion safe and calm during the car journey, thus making it a remarkable trip for you. 

Deal With Their Anxiety

Deal With Their Anxiety

Have you ever felt your dog become anxious in a car? It usually happens because dogs become nervous in enclosed spaces. Just like humans, they can feel motion sickness that leads to anxiety. Loud noises and unfamiliar environments can also cause behavioral issues in them.

As their owner, you have to find some techniques to relax them. For example, you can make them familiar with car rides by taking them on short travels. To create a secure environment, it is better to keep their familiar blanket or favorite toy along with them. You can also offer them rewards for showing a positive association. These simple tricks will definitely work like magic for you.


To ensure your dog's safety, it is important to keep them in a secure place by using proper restraints. By restraining them, the risk of injuries is reduced, and a controlled and calm environment is maintained in your car. Otherwise, a freely moving dog can badly affect your focus on the road, and such distractions lead to major accidents.

Short Breaks

To keep your dog active and engaged during travel, you should plan frequent breaks for them. Now you might be wondering how these breaks can be beneficial. Well, when confined in a car for a long time, dogs do not get enough space to stretch their muscles, and as a result, their bodies become stiff and exhausted. 

So, allowing them to move out of a vehicle, will enhance their physical comfort and they will become fresh after sniffing interesting scents and interacting with different environments.

Hydration And Snacks

Generally, it is recommended that you do not offer heavy snacks to your pet before leaving for a car trip to avoid motion sickness. But this does not mean that you should keep them hungry while traveling. 

You can make a car journey enjoyable for them with their favorite biscuits. Moreover, to maintain their optimal health, it is necessary to keep them hydrated. Therefore, keep offering them water at regular intervals.

Have A Travel Kit For Your Dog

Just like you pack a bag for yourself before traveling, you can prepare a travel kit for your dog as well. This kit must include all the mandatory items to keep them happy and healthy. An ideal travel kit must include the following:

  • First-aid box
  • Dog’s collar
  • A collapsible bowl
  • Food and Treats
  • Waste Bags
  • Favorite Toys
  • Wipes
  • Emergency contact information.

Must-Have Car Accessories While Traveling With Dogs In Car

Must-Have Car Accessories While Traveling With Dogs In Car

You can make your car journey easy and secure by having the following accessories within you during traveling:

1. Dog Seat Belt

Seat belts are a must for our safety, and the same is true for your beloved pets. They may feel curious to look out of the window or come close to you repeatedly while you are driving. Such acts can cause serious dangers. So, you should restrict their access by using a seat belt. Though it is very easy to use, remember that it might not be suitable for large dogs.

2. Carrier

If you have a small dog, you can go for a carrier as it is the best way to provide dogs with a secure place. Carriers are available in different sizes and shapes. You can choose one that best suits your dog. Moreover, they are quite convenient to use.

3. Comfortable Bedding

Along with safety, if you want to provide your furry champion with a sense of style, you can go for high-quality padded bedding. They are water-absorbent, and you can cut them to any size. So, if your dog doesn't like to be settled on a seat, surprise them with comfortable bedding.

How To Choose A Dog-Friendly Car?

How To Choose A Dog-Friendly Car

If you want an ideal vehicle for your lovely pet, you should always choose one according to their size. Though there are many options available in the market, you also have to consider your budget while choosing them. Let’s have a look at a few of them:

For Small Dog Breeds

If you have a small dog, a compact sedan or small hatchback car can work best for you. The most commonly used cars include the Kia Picanto, Toyota Corolla, Tesla Model 3, Kia Cerato, and many more.

For Medium Dog Breeds

For medium sized breeds, you can choose compact Suvs as they have luxurious interior and user-friendly features. Common examples are Nissan Juke, Mitsubishi ASX, Hyundai Kona etc.

For Large Dog Breeds

Definitely, large dogs will need a large SUV or a station wagon for safe and comfortable traveling. These can be Toyota RAV4, Nissan X-Trail, BYD Atto 3, MG HS , or any other similar vehicle.


When it comes to driving with a dog in a car , We hope this blog has made you ready for all the care and steps you need to take. Never let your dog roam freely in the car and take care of them just like you look after your loved ones. Have a happy time with your dog!

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