10 Easy Home Remedies For Bad Dog Breath

10 Easy Home Remedies For Bad Dog Breath

Dogs are our furry friends who become a part of our family and share a special bond with us over time. However, they do get some terrible dog breath which could interfere with interaction with human beings. Therefore, it is important to take proper care and caution whenever such issues arise to ensure the proper hygiene of your furry friend. 

This article will share detailed remedies and tips on how to fix bad dog breath to help you achieve the best results.

Causes of Bad Breath

Dogs are uncontrollable animals that love chewing on different things in their mouth which could get stuck there over time causing bad breath. Lack of enough water in their system, bad eating habits, periodontal diseases, and many more could also be a cause of bad breath. 

Many remedies can help solve this problem but if it persists even after all the recommendations, consult with a medical professional.

How To Get Rid Of Bad Dog Breath Fast: 10 Remedies

Getting rid of terrible dog breath is something that can easily be done with the right remedies and procedures. 

1. Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

If you notice any bad breath from your dog's mouth, maybe it's time to start brushing their teeth. Be gentle while brushing to avoid causing damage to their gums which could interfere with their eating habits.

2. Check Your Dog’s Diet 

Check Your Dog Diet

The second thing you can do once you notice a bad smell coming from your dog's mouth is to check their diet. What kind of food do they eat daily? This could be the reason for bad oral hygiene as they have foods with too many additives. 

Moreover, make changes to more natural foods with better nutrients to improve your dog's digestive system. Also, consult with experts on the type of food suitable for your dog to ensure the best results.

3. Make Your Dog More Active

Involving your dog in activities like playing and running around with them can help with improving their oral hygiene. Although this is not as effective as brushing, it can also help reduce the bad breath from their mouth. 

For example, consider buying them chewing toys that they can bite in their mouth which can help remove the soft plaques before they turn harmful. 

4. Check Your Dog's Mouth

Check Your Dog's Mouth

Another option to consider is checking your dog's mouth for any hidden food remains or non-edibles. If you notice any hidden objects in your furry friend's teeth, schedule an appointment with the veterinarian immediately for expert treatment.

5. Dental Treats and Chews

Consider giving your furry friend dental treats and chews. These can help fight against plaque and keep your dog's teeth in good condition. In the end, your dog will have strong teeth and fresh breath over time.

Veterinarians recommend these home remedies for the dental care of your dog. This will help build your confidence while your dog is interacting with other human beings.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

The minerals contained in apple cider vinegar like potassium and calcium help improve the health of your dog's teeth. Vinegar also has malic and acetic acids that help to kill different bacteria in your furry friend's teeth. You can start with a few teaspoons as your dog gets familiar with the taste over time.

7. Give Your Dog More Water

Give Your Dog More Water

Dogs function just like human beings when it comes to their digestive system. Once they get dehydrated, their mouth may begin to smell. Encourage them to take more water during the day to keep them refreshed. 

8. Lemon Juice

Adding a few spoons to your dog's bowl daily can also help fix the bad breath. This is because lemon contains acids that can help fight the bacteria causing bad breath in your dog.

9. Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

These contain sugars which are a favorite to many dogs. They also help keep dogs hydrated with enough fluids in their systems helping to solve the bad breath. 

10. Coconut Oil

According to experts, coconut oil has been shown to help with curing bad breath in dogs. It also has other important benefits like aiding digestion, boosting metabolism, and more. 

However, one needs to note that coconut oil contains too many calories and can cause health issues like obesity in dogs. Therefore, one needs to give them in small portions and not daily to maintain the good health of the dog.


This article shared all the details on how to get rid of dog's bad breath. Once you find yourself faced with such a challenge with your furry friend, consider trying out all the different remedies mentioned above. This can help you enjoy your dog's company without any inconvenience.

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