How To Stop Your Puppy From Biting and Nipping

How To Stop Your Puppy From Biting and Nipping

Puppies are a good company that we love to cuddle and play with. However, during their younger stage, they tend to bite a lot which could sometimes pose a danger to the owner. It is important to understand why your puppy is biting and nipping to provide the right solutions.

In this blog, we will share how to stop puppy biting and nipping so that you can peacefully enjoy their company.

Why Do Puppies Bite?

Why Do Puppies Bite

We all know how puppies use their mouths for everything. A puppy will use its mouth to entice play, socialize, teethe, explore its surroundings, or act as a protective mechanism. Additionally, puppies will use their mouths to bite on anything, such as clothes, shoes, or their fellow animals. 

Whatever reason your furry friend will be biting a lot, you need to find the root cause to help you find the solutions. Although biting is a normal thing for puppies to do a lot, there are times when it becomes too much and, therefore, will need to be stopped. This is why a lot of pet owners will now ask the question, “How to stop a puppy from biting”.

How To Stop Puppies From Biting?

In this section, we will share some simple ways to help you stop puppy biting. 

1. No Hard Biting

It is important to teach your puppy the limits of how hard they can bite against one's skin before it becomes extremely painful. To do this kind of training, you need to utilize their playtime. A puppy gently biting and nipping on your skin is a normal behavior for them. However, there are situations when they become extremely aggressive. 

When they bite hard onto your skin, make a sound to warn them to stop. Do this every time they bite hard; they will soon learn not to go extremely hard when biting or nipping. Be consistent in this kind of training, and you will soon start seeing changes in your furry friend.

2. Use Toys To Redirect Their Attention 

Use Toys To Redirect Their Attention

Mouthing and biting are natural behaviors, and we do not want to remove them from our puppies. It is, therefore, important to give your puppy some toys to redirect their attention from your skin to the toys. In this way, you can also train them that biting on the skin is prohibited and biting on toys is fine for them. This is training you need to incorporate earlier on in their younger stages for them to easily learn and adopt. 

Also, make sure to provide them with a lot of toys in different types and colors so that they can have a variety to choose from and not get bored. Over time, you will see your puppy's behavior change and you will enjoy more of their company. 

3. No Teeth on the Skin

Another way to stop your puppy from biting and nipping is to teach them that biting on the skin is not allowed. Every time they try biting onto your skin, make a sound to stop them from biting. This will show them that skin-biting is not permitted. 

Additionally, make sure to adopt this behavior for everyone who spends a lot of time with your puppy. When everyone keeps a uniform training technique, it will be easy for your puppy to adapt and make changes.

4. Teach "yes" and "no"

Consider teaching your puppy the yes and no words so that they can understand when they are doing something right or wrong. Every time your puppy bites you, use the “no” word to show them that you do not like the behavior. You can use the “yes” word when they are licking or kissing you. These words will help them learn which actions are allowed and which are prohibited. 

Be consistent with these words, and do not confuse them with a lot of words. Make sure that every individual who spends time with your puppy learns when to use these to ensure consistency. Over time, your puppy will change, and you will enjoy their company more.

5. Reward Positive Behavior

Reward Positive Behavior

When you get frustrated with how to stop puppy biting, this technique may help you. Rewarding positive behavior can help stop your puppy from biting and nipping. Every time they bite, withdraw any treats and snacks from them. And every time they completely avoid situations where they want to bite you, feed them their favorite dog treats. 

This will make them understand that biting is not allowed if they want to continue enjoying the treats. Do this, especially during playtime when they are excited and running around.

6. Adequate Exercises

Taking your dogs for regular exercise is one of the best ways to reduce the problem of dog biting and nipping. Sometimes dogs become naughty when they are bored or not mentally stimulated. Regular walks and runs can help them keep their physical and mental health activated. 

This can be in the early mornings or late evenings when the weather is warmer. Doing this regularly will reduce your dog's biting and nipping behavior.

7. Socialization With Other Dogs

Socialization With Other Dogs

We understand when pet owners ask a lot about when puppies stop biting. Do not give up on your furry friend yet. Always be patient with them, as it takes time for them to learn. One of the best ways to train your dog is to ensure they spend time with other dogs. Some dogs have a lower tolerance for biting and, therefore, will react immediately. 

However, pay keen attention so that they do not hurt each other. Once they see how their fellow dogs react to the biting, they will understand how far they can go. This can be an effective way to train your puppy on gently biting as they interact with other dogs.


Stopping a puppy from biting is easy if you follow these simple techniques, such as rewarding positive behavior, taking your pet for regular exercise, socializing with other dogs, and many more. All these techniques have worked for most pet owners worldwide. 

If you have tried all these techniques and they do not seem to work for your pet, maybe it is time to seek professional help. We want you to enjoy time with your pet without worrying about being bitten. 

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